Connect your Google Account to Weflow

Meetings are an essential piece of tracking activities and understanding deal velocity. With Weflow, logging meetings is easy and fast.

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to your 'Account Settings' in Weflow

  • Click on your avatar icon
  • Select Account Settings
  • Next, pick 'Activity Capture' from the list on the left side

Open up the 'Account Settings

Select the 'Activity Capture' section in your account settings

2. Connect your Google Account to Weflow

  • Click on the 'Sign in with Google button
  • Select the account you want to connect
  • Accept the permissions (we only ask for what is required)

Good to know: Weflow has been audited by Google as part of that process, Google has confirmed and verified that Weflow follows all required security processes and only uses the permissions necessary to fulfill our services.

3. Install the Managed Weflow Package

4. Select the Calendars you want to have synced

  • You can select as many calendars as you like
  • However, we recommend only selecting your own calendar as otherwise there is a risk of creating duplicates if other users (e.g. a colleague) also use Weflow to syncs their own calendar