With Weflow you can quickly update your Salesforce pipeline and save hours on administrative tasks each week.

Healthy and clean data in Salesforce is key when it comes to creating successful, happy, and productive sales organizations.

The benefits are simple but powerful:

  • Account Executives, SDRs and BDRs save hours each week on updating their Salesforce pipeline

  • Sales Managers benefit from trustworthy and reliable reports enabling better forecasting and more actionable conversations with other parts of the organization

  • Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement are able to analyze sales motions and playbooks more accurately and timely

  • Customer Success is able to take over newly signed clients faster and more effectively

  • Other functions such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing all rely on sales forecasts for their budgets

With Weflow, you can:

  • Update Salesforce fast and efficiently and save +5 hours on administrative tasks per user each week

  • Create custom views on your Salesforce pipeline and share them with your manager as efficient reports 📊

  • Have central storage for all your notes and tasks with a powerful editor (add gifs, videos, images, bullet points, and formatting)

  • Create note templates with the option to edit Salesforce records within the note enabling converting playbook

  • Be compliant with even the toughest security and privacy policies as Weflow keeps your Salesforce data where it belongs, in your Salesforce cloud

Soon, you will be able to:

  • Access Weflow from anywhere with a powerful Chrome Extension that you can integrate with Outreach, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or any other app and tool you are using on the web

  • Record your meetings, auto-transcribe them and add them to your notes

  • Collaborate on notes

💡 What are you waiting for?

Start a free trial today and experience the difference in your workflow 🙌

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