There are different types of information you can sync between the Weflow user interface and your Salesforce account. Most notably these are:

  • Field updates

  • Notes

  • Tasks

  • Activities

How does the syncing between Weflow and Salesforce work in general?

Weflow never stores your Salesforce data. We simply stream it via the official Salesforce API and make it accessible via our super fast and intuitive user interface.

When you make an update to a Salesforce record via Weflow i.e. you update the stage of an opportunity in your sales pipeline from Prospecting to Discovery, then that change happens instantly.

Updating Fields

All Salesforce fields can be updated via Weflow. You don't need to sign in to Salesforce to do so. You can review changes to fields up to 100 days.


When writing a note, that note is only synced to Salesforce, when you link it to a record. Notes and their attachments can always be accessed in Weflow, even if there is no sync to your Salesforce account. However, only if you link a note, you can be sure that others in your organization can access it to.

If you add an attachment to a note, then Weflow will store a URL to that attachment in Salesforce. If you format your note, Weflow will store that note in your Salesforce account with markdown.


When creating a new task, that task is automatically assigned to you and synced to Salesforce. You can also link to a record however, that is not mandatory to sync it to Salesforce.

Activities (coming soon)

Weflow logs activities, such as meetings whenever you connect a linked note to a meeting.

In addition, you can log activities for each SFDC record by visiting the Activity Timeline of a record. Click on "Log activity" via the drop down menu in the top right and choose the activity that fits best.

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