If you want to be an effective sales rep, you likely need to be on call with multiple stakeholders at any given time. Some may be more important, some less, but in the end you will be expected to remember the individual requirements of each buyer as well as insights that help you build those personal relationships so much in sales is about.

How Weflow can help you take better notes in sales calls

First, let's get started with some of the basics.

How to create a new note with Weflow?

  1. Hit CMD+K on MacOS or CTRL+K on Windows to launch the global search & command modal. From here you can create a new note any time

  2. Click on the "+Add new" icon in the sidebar navigation

  3. Click on "Add new note" from the note section

What do with a new note?

  1. Make sure, you link your note to a Salesforce record

  2. Use one of the templates from Weflow, create a new one or start from scratch

  3. Add Salesforce objects or fields directly into your note to make updates to the linked record every time you sync the note to Salesforce

  4. Use the formatting options to create bullet points, numbered lists, bold, italic or underlined text blocks

  5. Add task blocks to create tasks from the go

  6. Open the panel on the right side of the note, by clicking on the linked Salesforce record to have a more detailed view on specific fields you care about i.e. open a Field Set Template that fits to a specific sales methodology you are using like BANT or MEDDIC

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