Anyone working sales has experienced the end-of-quarter frenzy. More than 50% of a sales teams fail to meet their quota. Whether that is on them or on unrealistic goal setting can be the subject of a heated debate. But, whether you are looking to barely make it or go well beyond what has been asked of you, Weflow has got you covered with pipeline views that let you focus on what is important and worth focussing your precious time on.

How to create your custom end of quarter view

  1. Open up the pipeline section and select the "Opportunity" record type

  2. Pick a view that suits your needs like "My Opportunities" or "All Opportunities

  3. Make sure to include fields which will help you understand the current status and next steps of a deal ( like Amount, Account, Next Step, Last Activity Date, Last Modified Date, Close Date, Stage)

  4. If you selected "All Opportunities" as your starting point, then use the quick filter option to only show opportunities that belong to you as the owner

  5. Finally, to make the view show only opportunities which are closing this quarter go to the "Custom Filter" menu and add the following:

    1. Add a single condition filter where Close Date = This quarter

    2. Combine this with another single condition using the AND operator where Closed = Is false

  6. Save your view so you can re-use it the next time you reach the end-of-quarter frenzy

This is how your custom filters should look like

Pro Tip: If you have a lot of deals in your opportunity pipeline, consider narrowing it down further. You can for example only filter for deals with recent activity where there is still a chance to speak with an engaged prospect. Or maybe you only want to focus on deals with an amount greater than a certain value. You can do all that with the quick filters and custom filters.

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