Yes, you can! Customize your Kanban board to make it fit your personal needs. It's the right thing to do. We'll show you how.

Decide on the content

Select a view

  • Pick a record type

  • Select a view you would like to use

Define the card properties

  • You can display up to 8 fields per card

  • Simply add or remove fields by clicking the "Card Properties" button

Hide or add columns

  • Don't need all these columns?

  • Just remove the ones you don't want via the "Columns" button

Filter your records

  • Use the "Quick filters" or "Custom filters" to narrow down the number of records displayed in the Kanban board

Decide how to display the content

Change the grouping

  • You can group your cards differently

  • Typical use cases are by Stage, Owner, Industry or Source

Change the calculation

  • Want to adjust the currency calculation?

  • No problem, simply hit the calculator icon to change the calculation based on any currency field - this includes custom fields as well!

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