Weflow Opportunity Scoring

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Learn how the Weflow score can help you quickly rate opportunities based on their likelihood to convert to closed won.

How does the Weflow Score work?

  • The score is a custom Weflow-specific field that you can add to any Kanban or Table view

  • The higher the score, the more likely is it that an opportunity will be closed successfully (i.e. set to the stage Closed/Won)


What influences the Weflow Score?

  • The score is calculated based on a multitude of different factors such as updates to the Opportunity fields (i.e. Next Steps, Amount, Close Date) as well as activities like notes or tasks

  • The score is calculated differently for each account and is based on a proprietary machine-learning algorithm

  • This means, that the score is customized for your industry as well as the selling culture


How can I add the Weflow Score to my views?

  • You can add the score via the "Fields" button either to Kanban cards or as a new column to a Table view

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