What are permissions and how to assign them?

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Currently, there are two types of permissions in Weflow, which can be set via the admin console:

1. Admins

2. Members

In this article, we will explore the difference between these two permissions.


  • Members are normal users in Weflow without admin console access
  • Members cannot access the admin console or make changes within it
  • However, members can perform any other action within Weflow e.g. creating a pipeline view, creating notes, making field updates etc.


  • Admins have full access to the admin console
  • Other than that, they have the same rights and permissions as "Members"
  • Admins can:
    • Invite new members
    • Assign permissions
    • Create profiles
    • Assign profiles
    • Create templates
    • Assign templates
    • Deactivate members

How do you become an admin in Weflow?

  • To become an admin, users need to be the first ones signing up for Weflow from their Salesforce account or be promoted to become an admin either by another admin on the same account or by contacting hello@getweflow.com
  • If you are looking to become an admin for your Weflow account, please reach out to us or your existing admins

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