Auto-sync your notes to Salesforce from Weflow

Syncing notes to Salesforce is important to ensure that all your insights from conversations with prospects and customers are stored in one place.

From hundreds of conversations with salespeople, we learned that some prefer manual syncing of their notes (only when everything is perfect and correct), and others don't mind it when their note gets automatically synced to Salesforce.

With Weflow, you can choose how you'd prefer us to sync your notes.

Auto-sync your notes

  • Whenever you create a note, you can select the auto-sync checkbox right below the note title
  • Once checked, Weflow will sync every change to the note to Salesforce automatically
  • Please note that the 'Sync to Salesforce' button will be hidden once you select the auto-sync feature

Manually sync notes to Salesforce

  • You can also decide to sync your notes to Salesforce manually
  • This may be especially handy in case you want to make sure your notes are in top shape before you sync them
  • To make it easier for you, Weflow will always tell you when a note is unsynced
    This label means that your note is currently unsynced:

This label means that your note is currently unlinked i.e., you need to link it to a record before you can sync it:

This label means that your note has been linked and synced to Salesforce: