Use custom filters to combine AND & OR using conditional groups

Sometimes, there is just too much information in our CRMs. Use custom filters, including conditional groups, to refine your search.

This is how custom filters look like in Weflow

When there is too much information, it can be hard to learn what is important. Not only that, key information goes unnoticed when there is an overload of data.

With Weflow, you can use custom filters to search your records better than ever before.

Set single conditions

  • Click on +Add condition to add an individual condition that Weflow should filter for
  • You can add multiple conditions and assign either an AND or an OR operator to it
  • Be careful with adding too many AND conditions as this may quickly render zero results if not chosen carefully
  • Let's say you want to see the opportunities that close either this month or were due to be closed last month
  • By adding a rule with an OR operator, you can easily tweak your pipeline by adding the following two single conditions:

Single condition filters in Weflow

Set condition groups

  • Condition groups allow you to combine multiple conditions into one or multiple groups
  • This is an advanced filtering option, but it can prove to be helpful under specific circumstances
  • Let's stick with the example from above: You want to see which opportunities are closing this month or next month
  • You can add it as individual conditions OR create a condition group like this one:

Group condition filters in Weflow

With this advanced filtering, you can create and combine conditions to customize your search results and move swiftly through your Salesforce pipeline.

Are custom filters saved? 

  • If you save a view, the custom filters persist in that view and can be used or adjusted as needed.

How do I remove the filters?

  • Either delete individual filters by hitting the "waste bin" icon next to them
  • Or hit the "x" icon on the "Custom filters" button to remove all filters at once