Push new fields and sales methodologies to your Weflow users

It's not uncommon for new Salesforce fields to be added or a sales methodology change throughout the year (or even a quarter). Companies want to improve their efficiency, and iterating on existing methods and processes is great.

However,  it can be quite painful to make sales reps aware of new fields and push them to use them. It's not recommended generally to make Salesforce fields 'required' as this can cause many critical dependency issues. So why not use Weflow instead? With our admin console, you can easily push new fields into existing pipelines and panel views. Let us show you how:

1-minute tutorial video

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to the admin console

  • Go to the admin console, i.e., by following this link or clicking on the admin console icon in the left-side menu

2. Pick the template you want to adjust

  • Go to the template section
  • Pick the template you want to adjust by clicking on the 3-dot menu on the right side
  • Select 'Edit'

3. Add/remove fields 

  • Adjust the template based on your needs
  • Hit the save button

4. Done

  • The template has now been saved and updated
  • Any user with the template assigned (via the 'Profile') will automatically receive the updated version in their Weflow account