The difference between Kanban and Table views

There is a view for every situation in life. Well, nearly. But if you work in sales, then the Kanban and Table views are what you need.

Kanban? Isn't that a thing from software development? Or something that a Japanese car manufacturer invented in the '60s or '70s? And yes, both are true. But what works for car manufacturers and software development teams can also work for sales if you use it right. And if it doesn't, you may be more prone to the table view in Weflow. Good thing that we have both?

Choose the view that is right for you

  • Not every view works for everyone
  • Some people prefer simple layouts with little text and a minimum amount of information
  • They want the essentials, and they want them fast
  • Other people prefer to see everything at once with tons of data
  • And then, there are those people who like both the simple and the full experience - for them, it depends on their needs at that specific moment in time
  • Whatever view you prefer, you can always make use of quick filters and custom filters

Benefits of the Kanban view

  • Simple drag&drop control to move cards around
  • A fast overview of records grouped by different fields i.e., by stage or by owner
  • Display up to 8 fields as properties on each card

Benefits of the Table view

  • Edit fields directly in line within the table
  • Add an infinite amount of fields as columns into the table view
  • Look at large (or small) amounts of records in the form of  an editable list