Weflow's task manager for sales people explained in 90 seconds

Managing your tasks is easy with Weflow. Add new tasks, change the status, and assign it to someone else. You can do anything!

The basics of tasks covered in under 90 seconds

Want to know more? Here are all the things you can do with tasks

  • Create new tasks
  • Link to a Salesforce record
  • In addition, link it to a specific contact
  • Set a due date
  • Change the priority 
  • Assign tasks to other users in your Salesforce account
  • Change the status of the task i.e., "Not Started", "In Progress", "Completed"
  • Add comments
  • Filter for your or anyone's tasks
  • Search for overdue tasks
  • Search for completed tasks

How to know when a task is overdue?

We don't want you to have to check your task manager repeatedly just to see the due dates in your task list. That is why Weflow shows you the number of due tasks (i.e. due today or due in the past) in the left-side navigation.

You can also see overdue tasks in your home screen section.