Let Weflow calculate your deal KPIs and metrics

Understanding deal & pipeline health helps you understand what to focus on and what to prioritize. There are common KPIs that you can use to determine whether a deal has the potential to move forward successfully or not. Some examples are:

  • Email reply rate
  • Number of emails sent/received per week for a prospect
  • Close date overdue
  • No next steps
  • No next call/meeting scheduled
  • Time in stage

Calculating these metrics can be time-consuming, especially on a deal-by-deal basis. That is why Weflow does this for you.

How a pipeline view with Weflow fields looks like

Adding Weflow fields to your pipeline

  • When you are in the pipeline section, you can add/hide fields for any given pipeline view that you own
  • In the add/hide field modal, Weflow highlights the Weflow-specific fields for you
  • Select the ones most relevant to your business

The add/hide field modal:

Info: You can add Weflow fields for any Salesforce object, i.e., Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, and Leads. Not all fields are available for each object. Typically, you will see a large amount of options with the Opportunity object.