Keep track of high-value deals

Staying on top of high-value opportunities is a powerful strategy you should focus on. Why? High-value opportunities have a chance of pushing you over your quota threshold, and they usually are for great logos you will absolutely want to add to your list of customers.

In the Weflow pipeline, you can easily create multiple views of your opportunities. With our quick & custom filters, you an use these pipeline views to keep track of high-value deals.

Did you know? Weflow automatically shows you warning signals in case a deal has the potential to go bad, e.g. when critical information is missing or overdue.

Watch this 1-minute tutorial:

Step-by-step guide 

1. Create a new pipeline view

  • Go to the pipeline section
  • Click on the view list or the "+" icon
  • Create a new view

2. Use the right filters

  • In the example below, we ensured that the opportunities in the view are not already closed
  • That the amount is above 10,000 USD
  • That the owner is whoever we want it to this case, Jane Doe

Pro tip: Instead of using the owner filter as a custom filter, you can also use a quick filter to toggle your view between different owners more quickly.

Alternatively, you can also make use of our 'Owner' quick filter:

That's it! Well done!