Create and assign tasks during a pipeline review

Pipeline reviews are a necessary component of every well-oiled sales machine. But sometimes, they can become a bit of a time-consuming beast that feels more like a distraction than a helpful addition and help.

Weflow helps you run efficient pipeline reviews with ease.

Watch this 1-minute-video:

Step-by-step guide

1. Set up a pipeline view for reviews

  • Create a new table view, e.g. for Opportunities
  • Group the view of the owner
  • Add the fields you care about, e.g., stage, amount, forecast category

2. Add tasks via quick actions

  • Hover over the name of a record in the list
  • Click on "Add task" in the quick action menu
  • Add the task, incl. a due date and a short description

3. Adjust tasks in the timeline

  • Open the panel
  • Click on the "Timeline" tab
  • Click on the task you just added
  • Adjust the assignee