Bulk-update the account owner

Have a new team member joined or switched responsibilities? Re-assigning existing records can take a lot of time - especially if no admin can help quickly.

With Weflow, you can quickly assign Accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Leads, and Custom Objects in seconds. Learn how below.

1-minute video tutorial

Step-by-step guide:

1. Go to the Pipeline within Weflow

  • Open up Weflow
  • Go to the pipeline section within Weflow

2. Create a view that contains all records that need assignment

  • Use the quick filters to filter e.g., for existing owners
  • Alternatively, you can also filter for records with no owner assigned or other custom rules

3. Select all checkboxes of the records you want to assign

  • Click  on the checkbox at the top of the pipeline list to select all records within the view
  • Or alternatively, select only specific records from the list

4. Use the bulk updating feature

  • As soon as you select a record via the checkboxes, the bulk update button will become available in the header selection
  • Click on the bulk update button and select the "Owner" field from the list
  • Select the owner and click save
  • Confirm your decision

5. Done!

  • That's it! You made it.