Difference between Weflow & Salesforce

Forecasting in Weflow vs. Forecasting in Salesforce

  • Forecasting Weflow works completely independently from forecasting in Salesforce
  • If you are already using forecasting in Salesforce, you will need to set up forecasting in Weflow again
  • However, there are several good reasons to do that:
    • Weflow lets you forecast on any custom and standard field
    • Weflow stores your field changes automatically without having to enable field history tracking
    • Weflow even stores formula fields such as 'Gross Margin' 
    • Weflow creates a variety of reports (Waterfall, Pacing, Deal Flow (coming soon)) automatically for you 
    • Weflow gives you a powerful way to do deal inspection with combined in-line editing for all field types
    • Weflow forecasting works with multiple currencies

As you can see, there are many good reasons not to use Salesforce forecasting and instead rely on a more flexible solution like Weflow that fits the needs of your business.