How do I delete my account?

Want to revoke your Salesforce access for Weflow? Want to pause using Weflow? Or do you want to delete the account completely? Depending on your needs, there are different ways to stop using Weflow:

I want to sign out of Weflow

Simply click on the account icon in the lower left corner and sign out of your account. You need to sign in again, before being able to use Weflow.

I want to revoke Salesforce access for Weflow

  1. Sign in to your Salesforce account
  2. Go to "Setup"
  3. Go to "Apps" > Connected Apps > Connected Apps OAuth Usage
  4. Look for "Weflow" in the list
  5. Block and Unblock Weflow

Attention: If you keep Weflow blocked, you cannot sign up for our services again.

I am requesting that my information be erased as per GDPR's right

Individuals can request that organizations such as Weflow erase their data in certain circumstances, such as when they withdraw consent for processing.

Weflow is fully GDPR/CCPA compliant. To fully delete your account, please email us at We will get back to you. 

Remember, you can always email us at with any additional questions.