Create new Contacts or Leads on LinkedIn with the Chrome Extension

Weflow makes it easy to create new records for your Salesforce on the go:

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create new leads, contacts, opportunities, or accounts on the go on the example of LinkedIn:

  1. Go to LinkedIn
  2. Hit CMD+J on MacOS or ALT+J on Windows to launch the Weflow Search
  3. Check if the record already exists in your Salesforce database
  4. If not, click on one of the options below "Add new" i.e. Contact
  5. Fill out the required fields (based on your Salesforce settings) and hit save
  6. The panel will open automatically, and the record has now been created in Salesforce
  7. You can use the fields in the panel to add other useful information 

That's it. For information on how to install the Chrome Extension go here.