Can you sync emails to custom objects or custom fields?

Weflow uses Salesforce's standard email object to sync emails for good reason.

Custom Email Fields

Weflow automatically syncs and links emails to standard Salesforce objects (Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity). 

When an email is sent/received to your account, Weflow checks in the background whether there is a matching email address in your Salesforce CRM. You don't need to define any custom fields. Weflow automatically scans for all available email address fields.


Custom Objects

Weflow uses Salesforce's email object to store emails in your CRM permanently. We use the standard email object developed by Salesforce because it gives you a reliable, scalable, and secure way to store your emails with Salesforce and create a single source of truth in your CRM. At the same time, you benefit from future improvements to the email object by Salesforce. We are aware that there are some email logging providers who create custom objects for storing emails in your Salesforce CRM. While this may be a simpler way to do this, you may suffer from business continuity issues in the future.

Custom development is required if you want to store your emails in a custom field or link emails to a custom object. To initiate such a conversation, please contact your Customer Success Manager or us here.