What to do, if there is no data in the Pacing chart?

I don't see any data. What can I do?

  • By default, Weflow will try to sync as much historical data as possible for the past 12 months from your Salesforce CRM
  • However, in some cases, there might not be any data available due to the use of custom fields and/or no usage of field history tracking
  • In that case, kindly reach out to our support team to discuss possible options, such as an import from third-party data

I need more than 12 months of historical data

  • As long as you have the data somewhere, we can try and import it into Weflow
  • If it is within Salesforce and field history tracking has been active for the entire time, then we can also retrieve it from there
  • If the data is in a different tool, then it may need to be adjusted and formatted first - this is a custom effort and can be very time-consuming
  • Kindly reach out to us to discuss possible options in that case