Configuring forecasting in Weflow

How to set up forecasting in Weflow

Configuring forecasting only takes a few minutes in Weflow.

Part 1: Configure default forecasting settings

  1. Go to the admin console
  2. Select the forecast tab
  3. Click on 'Create new forecast'
  4. Select a forecast category, revenue, and close date field
  5. Click 'Next'
  6. Pick the fields you want to use for deal inspection
  7. Click 'Next'
  8. Define default time ranges and customization options (make sure to pick the forecast categories you want to report on; you may need to scroll down for that)
  9. Click 'Save'

Options for field mapping:

Options for pipeline inspection:

Options for customization:

Part 2: Install the Weflow Managed Package

The managed package ensures that Weflow can capture all field changes, updates, and new opportunities being created without relying on field history tracking. In addition, the managed package avoids making API calls - meaning Weflow does not add too many unnecessary API calls to your Salesforce limits.

  1. Go to the admin console
  2. Select the forecast tab
  3. Click on 'Install' on the 'Weflow Managed Salesforce Package' container
  4. Follow the steps as outlined below:

A) Install for "All Users" to avoid conflicts

B)  Approve Third-Party Access

That's it. The whole installation should not take more than five minutes, depending on the size of your Salesforce instance. For technical questions, please reach out to our support team at