How to sign up for Weflow?

Learn how to sign up for Weflow within seconds. Weflow is the fastest way to update Salesforce.

Signing up for Weflow is fast and simple:

Go to and click on "Book Demo"

  • Fill out the survey (it takes less than a minute)
  • Book a demo or wait for an email from us (we'll onboard you as fast as possible)
  • We'll send you a URL to sign up for Weflow.
  • On the sign-up page, click "Continue with Salesforce" and enter your credentials in the Salesforce SSO pop-up.
  • That's it! Done ✅

Please note: You need a Salesforce Professional Edition with API enabled or an Enterprise Edition. 

What permissions do you need?

  • Weflow requires three permissions to do what it does best in Salesforce:
  • Access to your basic information, such as your email and name
  • Access to and the ability to manage your Salesforce data
  • The ability to make changes in your name

We require these permissions so you can use Weflow to update your Salesforce data in your name.

Please note: All these permissions are mandatory to make Weflow work with Salesforce. We only require the minimum possible permissions and do not ask for unnecessary access.