Quick-Start: Notes

Learn how to write notes and link them to Salesforce records. Use Weflow's secure syncing feature so anyone on your Salesforce can see them.

How do notes work in Weflow?

  • Notes are the best way to make sure you keep track of what prospects, leads, or customers need or expect from you and your product or service.
  • You can link notes to Salesforce records and keep them private or sync them to Salesforce.

How do I sync a note to Salesforce?

  • Once you link a note to a Salesforce record, you can sync it by hitting the big green "Sync" button.
  • The "Sync" button will only work if you make a change to a note (for example, you change the content of the note by adding a new sentence)

Do I need to sync all notes to Salesforce?

  • No, absolutely not. However, we do recommend that you link all notes if possible.
  • Linking is the best way to keep your data clean and structured,
  • You'll essentially ensure that no information gets lost.
  • Once you link a note to a Salesforce record, you can decide whether to sync it.
  • If you know you'll never sync this note, just set it to private by hitting the private toggle.
  • Weflow will not allow syncing and disable the "Sync" button until you un-toggle the private state again.  

How do templates work? What are they good for?

  • Weflow built templates to make collaboration and updates even easier.
  • Use templates to create playbooks for different types of sales calls.
  • The true power of templates lies within the possibility of adding Salesforce fields into the template and, by doing so, allowing users to update a Salesforce record from within a note.

If you work in Rev Ops or Sales Enablement, consider creating templates for your team that fit the sales playbook you want to see used by your team.

If you work as an Account Executive or SDR/BDR, consider using Weflow's templates or those created by our organization and adjust them to your needs.

You can do that by duplicating a template and saving it in your account

How can I filter for different notes?

  • Use our filter options in the top left.
  • You can filter for:
    • All
    • Private
    • Synced
    • Unsynced
    • Unlinked

Can I delete Notes?

Yes, you can delete notes by clicking the "..." (more options menu):

In the overview:

In the note itself:

Please note that deleted notes are also removed from Salesforce and cannot be retrieved by anyone.

Alternatively, you can also set the note to "Private". This will remove the note from Salesforce but keep it available in Weflow.