What is Weflow?

Weflow is a pipeline management & forecasting tool to improve Salesforce hygiene, visibility, process compliance, and forecast accuracy. Key platform components include:

  • CRM data capture
  • Deal inspection
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales forecasting

Weflow is easy to implement due to its advanced and no-code Salesforce integration, respecting your entire logic (validation rules, custom fields/objects, field dependencies, etc.) out of the box.

The benefits are simple but powerful

  • Account Executives, SDRs, and BDRs save weekly hours on updating their Salesforce pipeline.
  • Sales Managers benefit from trustworthy and reliable reports, enabling better forecasting and more actionable conversations with other parts of the organization.
  • Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement can analyze sales motions and playbooks more accurately and timely.
  • Customer Success can take over newly signed clients faster and more effectively.
  • Other functions such as Finance, Accounting, and Marketing all rely on sales forecasts for their budgets.

Things you can do with Weflow

  • Update Salesforce fast and efficiently and save +5 hours on administrative tasks per user each week.
  • Create custom views on your Salesforce pipeline and share them with your manager as efficient reports,
  • Have central storage for all your notes and tasks with a powerful editor (add gifs, videos, images, bullet points, and formatting).
  • Create note templates with the option to edit Salesforce records within the note, enabling converting the playbook.
  • Be compliant with even the toughest security and privacy policies, as Weflow keeps your Salesforce data where it belongs in your Salesforce cloud.
  • Access Weflow from anywhere with a powerful Chrome Extension that you can integrate with Outreach, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or any other app and tool you use on the web.
  • Run forecast meetings with Weflow's forecasting features (collaborative forecasting, call submissions, deal flow chart, pacing chart, waterfall chart).
  • Log emails and other activities automatically.

What are you waiting for? Start a free trial today and experience the difference in your workflow.