Why we built an Email Sync to Salesforce

Why not use Einstein or another provider? Here you'll find our comprehensive answer.

Weflow allows you to sync your Google/Microsoft emails and calendars automatically with Salesforce. Unlike Salesforce's Einstein Activity Capture, all data is stored in Salesforce and properly linked to the rest of your Salesforce record data. Weflow stores email data permanently and links it to the right objects and records in your Salesforce CRM so you can report on the data with high accuracy.

Our top ten reasons to use Weflow's email sync

  1. Giving you full control and ownership of your data.
  2. Standard email reporting in Salesforce + automatically surfaced insights within Weflow.
  3. Permanently stores emails in Salesforce.
  4. Links and logs all email data into Salesforce records.
  5. Purposely built for Salesforce in combination with business emails on Microsoft/Google
  6. Links emails to multiple email addresses within a single record.
  7. Surfaces email addresses on an Opportunity that are not yet in Salesforce (but should be).
  8. Automatically creates new contacts for you and links them to the right account.
  9. Competitive and fair pricing.
  10. Fast and helpful customer support.