Introduction to Forecasting in Weflow

Introduction to Forecasting in Weflow

  • Forecasting is an important topic for all sales organizations
  • Being able to accurately predict revenue is one of the top skills for experienced sales leaders
  • Weflow's forecasting suite enables sales organizations to do the following:
    • Collaboratively work on deals in different forecast categories
    • Submit forecast calls on a team and individual user level
    • Roll up forecasts into a unified view
    • Look at past performance and understand where deals go
    • Understand how the pipeline is developing towards your revenue goals
    • Export forecast data to other third-party tools

Overview of forecasting features available in Weflow right now:

Collaborative Forecasting

  • Break down your pipeline into forecast categories
  • Adjust and control all fields with in-line editing
  • See quota attainment by forecast category
  • Use custom fields for amount, close date, and forecast category
  • Apply filters (based on any field in your Salesforce CRM)
  • Filter easily by owner, team, and different time ranges



  • Look at the past 3, 6, 12 months of your pipeline
  • Understand the start value from X months ago
  • Learn what happened with deals in your pipeline over time
    • Which ones closed?
    • Which ones got lost?
    • Where did amounts increase/decrease?
    • Where was the close date pushed?
    • How many new opportunities were created?
    • How many opportunities from past/future close dates got pulled in?
    • What's my end pipeline (status quo) as of now?
  • With this chart, you drill deep into the performance of an individual rep, team, or your entire sales organization


  • Understand how you are moving towards your revenue goals (based on quota)
  • See your optimal pace line
  • Quickly filter by
    • Record type
    • Custom filters
    • Owner
    • Time range
  • Easily break down the pacing chart into
    • Week
    • Month
    • Quarter
    • Year
  • Compare your team estimate with Weflow's AI projection (coming soon)


  • Set up quota for your entire revenue org
  • Break it down by month, quarter, bi-annually or year
  • Easily adjust and filter for different individual contributors
  • Works completely independently from Salesfroce