Setting up Forecast Submissions

Setting up Forecast Submissions

Collaborative forecasts are more impactful on your forecast accuracy if you enable regular team forecasts by setting submission deadlines and creating snapshots (to compare historic estimates and future outcomes).

Weflow helps you create a coordinated submission cadence across your entire sales organization.

How do you set up forecast submissions?

  1. Go to the admin console
  2. Go to the 'Forecast submission' tab
  3. Enable forecast submissions
  4. Set a submission cadence (we recommend monthly)
  5. Set a submission date

Where do you submit submissions?

Once the forecast submissions have been enabled in the admin console, the 'Submit' button in the collaborative forecast view becomes enabled:

  • Users can submit forecasts up to 12 months into the future
  • Managers cannot submit forecasts (future iterations will allow for more granular controls on this)
  • Users can look at their own submission history by clicking the 'View submission history' button